Android Tutorial

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While taking CS56 - Advanced Java Applications Programming at UCSB, I decided to write a small Android tutorial to help future generations of this class learn Android. This tutorial was also paired up with a "legacy" application that other students can work on. This application was a sleek Android service that allows you to execute certain tasks when it receives special SMS. For example, texting your phone "\\contacts David" would search for all contacts called "David" and respond with the matches.

Although there are many Android tutorials out there, this tutorial was intended for quick usage. You can learn the basics in 4 hours and it teaches you a wide array of topics without going to deep (but giving you pointers on where to find more info on these topics). It was also intended to be used by people who already have a grasp on Java.

The tutorial itself was written using github as the underlying platform, using markdown and relative links you can move from page to page just like you would do on a website. What's nice about this structure is that other students can quickly add/fix/modify the content on github to always keep the tutorial up to date.

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