A poem for my Scottish teacher

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While doing the IB programme, I had to write a few literary works for my English class. As the deadline for one of the papers was upon me I got rather ill, so I decided to use my paper to explain my absence the next day at school. Our teacher Stephanie, who happened to be Scottish, found it quite amusing.

A poem for my Scottish teacher
Pedro Miguel Sosa – June 2010

As my head was pumping,
and my fever was soaring,
my very Scottish teacher asked me for a story.

I sat down to write,
turned on a light,
and wonder into the screen.

My head filled with questions,
as to this work's nature,
How long? with rhymes?
Or can it be crazy one?

As I wrote my emails,
all one of a time,
I started to get replies:

“Just write the blessed poem”
“I'm going to sleep”
“I ain't got all the time”

I hurried my writing,
my fingers were typing,
and everything in my eyesight blurred.

I thought I'd reach a wonderful place,
where only great poets go.
I started to stroll with colorful horses,
and jumped in a pond with tints of red roses.

I wonder “Oh! God!”,
“I must be in Nirvana”,
“This is surely the best of all-times!”.

But as I regained conscience,
I was sad to discover,
I hadn't reach no wonderful place.

I was actually laying on a stone cold floor,
for my fever had gotten to high!

I was actually scared, but very relieved,
for I don't know how (and really don't care),
the poem was finally written on screen.

Now I can send it to my Scottish teacher,
and assure her that nothing has happened,
don't worry, I'm fine,
I've a headache and fever,
I'm not going tomorrow to class.

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