Recap #1: Blog Kick-off!

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So it's time to kick this off. I'm almost certain that no one is really going to read this blog, however I wanted to have a place were I can publicly share random ideas. Since I graduated high school, I've always kept "journals". These "journals" are aimed at collecting thoughts that belong to the person I was at a certain age (think of it as a nifty way of leaving a fingerprint of your older self). However, since this is posted alongside my professional website, I'll use this public "journal" to write about more scholastic topics or issues related to the pursuit of knowledge.

Here's a little recap of were I stand right now:

  • Just last quarter I was accepted onto the CompSci B.S/M.S 5-Year programme at UCSB. I am at the end of my Bachelor's / start of my Master's, which means that I am taking upperdivs with grad classes. Fun!
  • Diving face first onto my Masters, I decided to take Computational Algebra as my first grad class. While it was rough getting caught up with material that I had no basis for, I actually learned quite a lot and found it super interesting. I might keep working with the professor on his crypto lab.
  • I scored an internship that I'm incredibly excited to start as a Security Team Intern with a local company. It's fun to see that all that tinkering around with Backtrack / Kali back in the day is now paying off.
  • Won 3rd place in the UCSB Capstone Competition with a webapp called "Blockparty". I'll post more about this later, because I am currently re-working it to potentially release it as a product to a larger audience.

Over and out,
- Konuko II

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