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I'm a penetration tester currently leading the Novacoast Attack Team (NCAT), a group of white-hat hackers that engage in a wealth of adverserial assessments, uncovering new vulnerabilities and security flaws before the bad guys do.

My hacking skills span External/Internal Infrastructure, Wireless, Mobile, IoT, Web-Apps, Hardware, DDoS Stress Tests, Social Engineering, Physical Security, and Secure Source Code Reviews among others.

I'm also actively engaged in R&D, developing new tools and exploits to assist the endeavors of security researchers world-wide.

I hold a Master's degree for my Post-Quantum Cryptography studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As a believer of the "jack of all trades" lifestyle you'll find me building electric guitars or arcade machines, dirt-biking, backpacking through the world, scuba diving, mountaineering, writing, and taking the occasional nap by the beach!

GitHub: github.com/pmsosa
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pmsosa
Academia: ucsb.academia.edu/PedroSosa
Personal Blog: konukoii.com/blog

Tech Projects

From the very first program to the latest tech projects, here's a glimpse of tech milestones through the years... (at least the ones not bound by NDAs)


DuckHunt (2018)

Prevent RubberDucky (or other keystroke injection) attacks. Made the rounds on a few cybersec outlets including Hackaday.


PQC-AKE (2017)

C++ implementation for the Post-Quantum Lattice-Based Authenticated Key Exchange (AKE) based on the work of Del Pino, Lyubashevsky, Pointcheval. This work earned me my Masters!


Combined CNN-LSTM Models (2017)

Explores the usage of combined CNN-LSTM Neural Network Models to perform Twitter Sentiment Analysis, obtaining 2.7%-8.5% better performance over other typical models. Cited in 10+ Conferences & Journals.


Eagle Eye (2016)

Wireless managment software that aimed at allowing non-technical "sysadmins" to understand how their networks are being used.


BlockParty (2016)

A collaborative music listening platform aimed at allowing partygoers and hosts to build music playlists in real-time. Allows multiple speaker syncronization and AutoDJ. Won 3rd Place in UCSB Capstone!


SmokeSignals (2015)

Android app that allows you to automate several tasks that can be triggered via incoming SMS. Still in use by UCSB's CS56 (Java Class) to teach Android development.

Rock N' Roll!

Guitar Building (2013)

As an avid guitarist, I became obssesed with the idea of finding my own sound and ultimately crafting my own axe.


MilPeroles.com (2012)

Website aimed at helping Venezuelans find food & supplies during severe food shortages. Mapped resources via social media scraping and crowdsourcing. (My First Site!)


CasualKrypt (2011)

My first experiment with cryptography lead to the development of a (probably very unsafe) block cypher protocol complete with both C++ & Python cross-platform GUI and cmdline app.


Arcadia! (2010)

After my art teacher told me "I couldn't possibly build an arcade machine", I spent a half year creating a fully functional one with 5 games I coded myself. Work was later presented at an art gallery.


MUN Administrative Program (2007)

At 15 this was my first program. Coded in Blitz Basic and went on to be used internationaly in multiple Models of United Nations. Not the prettiest of code, but boy the nostalgia!


Ping-Pong (2006)

It all started with a "Videogame Programming for Teens" book, some rough sprites made in MS Paint, and a few lines of Blitz Basic code...

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