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Life is sandbox. So come on, let's build something!

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I disassemble stuff, analyze it, and then build it from the ground up. I want to know not only how things work, but how I can change them to work better.

My passion lies on the complexities of Computer Security because it is a beautiful fusion of pure mathematics, art, human interaction, puzzles, and science.

I love being on the forefront of this field, learning how to protect and secure technologies from Websites, Wi-Fi, Magstripes, GSM cell phone transmissions, etc.

I live to build things, so while I might not have that much professional experience in my area, I have dabbled in a plethora of projects.Everything from websites, Android apps, videogames, encryption protocols, network pen-testing, etc.

I am currently pursuing a Computer Science M.S at UCSB. I am concurrently assisting Koç Labs to study Post Quantum Cryptography, and working with Novacoast as part of the Security Team.

For the time being you'll either find me researching, working on some intricate project, playing guitar, or simply relaxing under a coconut tree...


Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.


Python 2.X

Java (Android)


Javascript & jQuery


Modern Web Stack:

HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, Flask

GUI Design:

Visual C#, QT (C++), Tkinter (Python)

Apps & Tools:

Illustrator, Audacity, Devian-based Linux Distros


Kali, Metasploit, NeXpose


Rally, Rundeck, Git, Dradis, SAS

Currently Learning:

CrypTool, Metasploit, OWASP


Learning never exhausts the mind.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

Master of Science in Computer Science : 2016 - 2017 (Expected)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science : 2014 - 2016

Cabrillo College

Santa Cruz, CA

Undergraduate studies in Computer Science : 2011 - 2014


Smooth seas don't make for skillful sailors.

Security Team Intern

Novacoast || Santa Barbara, CA

March 2016 - Present

  • Research and Develop tools and applications that aid the security team in their pen-testing efforts. (Currently working on releasing some of these tools to the open source community)

TDP-ET Student Technical Intern

AT&T || San Ramon, CA

June 2015 - August 2015

  • As Scrum Master and Developer, lead a team for a company-wide coding challenge, and won “Most Innovative” with a mobile web application
  • Development Lead for an internal company product that us interns built from the ground-up using Agile methods.
  • Led Development of a comprehensive web application which featured: RESTful application development, responsive web development, dynamic website development, database design and implementation.

STEM Tutor

Cabrillo College || Aptos, CA

August 2013 - June 2014

  • Assisted students and provided guidance in the areas of computer science, maths, physics, and chemistry.
  • Learned valuable communication skills to properly help the student master subjects quickly


Veterinaria Caracas || Caracas, Venezuela

December 2012 - February 2013

  • Designed and implemented an administrative program to maintain and manage a database of patient data, inventory, and finance transactions.
  • Designed a database system based on XML archiving.
  • Used Google Contacts API to interface patient data with the users' google account.
  • Provided and executed a full-scale migration support from their previous administrative programs.

Recent Projects

Never stop creating.

Arcade Machine


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